Everyone said “You can’t do that!”, then someone who didn’t know that turned up and did it!

In case of the KaffeeKüche this somebody was two somebodies – Krissi and Natalie.

One of them is from the far north of Germany, the other one from the deepest south. Two heads and lots of dreams, that united in this one unique Coffee Shop. 

the girls

When the KaffeeKüche opened its doors, Krissi was 25 and Natalie 27 years old. Not many people dare to open their own shop at such a young age. But those two did – and are the living proof that it’s possible. 


the team

Employees? Friends? Colleagues? It’s really hard to define that here at the KaffeeKüche – it’s just all of that, combined. That does not only make working here more pleasant for us, but also ensures a warm atmosphere for you to enjoy.


the background

Whether it’s sewing, sawing or sanding during the renovation, the weekly egg-delivery from Thomahof or stamping the countless cups and bags with our logo – behind the front there is a true horde of relatives and friends that support and help to run the place.