With lots of love, more sweat and even more helping hands we took everything around the cafe apart and put it back together again in a new way. Our way.

The result really is cozy and completely according to our taste.

There are about 45 seats available indoors – partly on normal chairs, partly on wine boxes.

And on our terrace – which is located in a pedestrian precinct, so no cars but lots to see – there are around another 35 seats.

We really do hope that you are going to feel at ease here. We do!

Our tables we got form WoodArtist Felix, the wineboxes are from here, lots of stuff we bought on eBay and the more than wonderful Hofflohmärkten (backyard flee markets all over Munich). And we also got this and that from IKEA. 

Put all of that together with some creativity, lots of handicraft and a hand full of ideas an “just like this” – your café is ready.