The atmosphereThe storeThe productsThe menuThe centrepieceThe guestsThe Neighbourhood

The atmosphere

Love for the details.

The store

All was built and sawn and painted with our own hands and friends.

The products

Chosen with care, prepared with love, sold with joy.

The menu

Small but large - from coffee to beer, von cake to quiche.

The centrepiece

Without her we'd be lost - our Rocket is the shining star behind the bar.

The guests

Without them our café wouldn't be the same.

The Neighbourhood

Haidhausen rocks - you just have to love it here.

Welcome at the KaffeeKüche München


regional products – local suppliers

Coffee | Tea | Softdrinks | Wine | Beer

from morning to night – always there for you

Breakfast | Lunch | After-Work Drinks

home-made goodies – sweet & savoury

Cakes | Quiche | Panini | Toast | Cookies

two girls – two heads – one ambition

Events | Catering | Cakes to order

love for our neighbourhood – Haidhausen rocks

Street Festivals | Cooperations | Christmas Market

more about us

Konzentrierte Krissi beim Kaffee machen =)

Kuchen – saisonal, hausgemacht, Klassiker und Experimente

Wasser für alle - mit oder ohne Extra-Geschmack




Frisch, saisonal, kreativ | immer wieder neue Salatideen.



small ~ 4,50€

large ~ 7,50€

Bratlinge, Pflanzerl, Küchlein - nennt es wie ihr wollt. Lecker ist's auf jeden Fall =)




about 8,00€

Suppen, Eintöpfe - oft vegetarisch, manchmal mit Einlage.



small ~ 4,50€

large ~ 7,50€

From colourful rice salad to mediterranean chick pea salad – from patties made of unripe spelt grain to sweet potato dumplings – from asian curry to creamy rocket soup.

Just to give you some examples and a little foretaste – depending on our mood, notion, fridge contents and seasons we offer ever changing dishes of the day. Maybe not 5*kitchen, but always fresh, home-made and full of love.

Check out our facebook-page to see our latest creations.

Summer Refreshers

Home-made Lemonades

Der Fantastische Finn 0,4 | 5.00

Blood Orange – Thyme – Grapefruit

Der Frische Fritz 0,4 | 5.00

Lime – Rosemary – Ginger

Sweet Amelie 0,4 | 5.00

Peach – Lemon – Lavender

Home-made Lassis

Yoghurt-Based Drinks*

Chai 0,3 | 4.80

Mango – Lavender 0,3 | 4.80

*for 50 Cent extra with Soy Yoghurt – vegan

Our Friends WITH %

NEW: Die Kichernde Kiki 0,3 | 6.50

Sparkling Wine – Passion Fruit – Rosato – Mint

Die Lachende Lea 0,3 | 6.50

Sparkling Wine – Blood Orange – Thyme – Grapefruit

Die große Frau Lieb 0,3 | 6.50

Lillet – Wild Berry – Mint

Die kleine Frau Lieb 0,3 | 6.50

Sparkling Wine – Pomegranate – Mint – Soda       


Chery-Banana 0,3 | 4.80

Spinach-Mango-Banana-Mint 0,3 | 4.80

Iced Tea

Black Tea or Fruit Tea

with Lemon 0,4 | 4.80

with Pomegranate 0,4 | 4.80

 More and more

Pretty Lorenz (Coldbrew) 0,3 | 4,50

Classics with %

Spritz 0,3 | 5.50

Sparkling Wine/White Wine – Aperol – Soda

Hugo 0,3 | 5.50

Sparkling Wine/White Wine – Elderflower Syrup – Soda – Mint

White Wine with Soda 0,3 | 4.20


But there is so much more to it than that!

To see the whole menu just click here.

What else?

Hugo's Cheesecake – nur einer von vielen geliebten Klassikern


Birthday? Celebration at the company? Or just because life is good? You can order cakes for every occasion. So that it might tastes just like at home.

Süß oder herzhaft – Firmen- oder Familienfeier


Whether you need a Sweet Table for a wedding, a special lunch for the colleagues or just a little bit of everything. We can do up to 80 people.

How to find us:

Right at the train station “Rosenheimer Platz” in a pedestrian precinct. Lovely to sit, lots to see.